A long time ago, in a land not so far away, was born a
fragrance unlike any other. 

In 1921, couturier Coco Chanel asked perfumer
Ernest Beaux to create a new scent, one that 'smells like a woman' and not like
a rose or lily or the general single-note floral fragrances of the time. Ernest
presented Coco with a series of samples, and she chose the fifth one. 

selection was special...Ernest had used a synthetic component called aldehydes
in this scent, a first in the 20s-world of fragrances. Chanel No 5, INR 7,900/100ml, quickly grew to become the world's best-selling perfume, a name
that came to be associated with femininity and glamour. 

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They say the name came
from Coco Chanel's choice of the fifth sample. And, according to some, she
chose it because of number 5's magical, luck-giving qualities. 

What do you think?