This Hair Pro Has Advice For You

Check out this interview with celeb hairstylist: Henry De La Paz

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Henry De La Paz is the über-cool celeb stylist at Warren Tricomi Salons. We chat about hair (duh!) and his top tips.

Cosmo: Before you bust out the hair tips, here's a question: how long does a hairdresser take to do his own hair?
Henry De La Paz: "It takes me seven minutes, because I hate using hair products and hardly spend time on my own hair."

C: Cool, so what's the go-to hairstyle this season?
HP: "In this weather, it's better to be on the safe side—sleek ponytails, or maybe an edgy bun as compared to blowdrying your hair straight."

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C: What major hair trends can we expect this A/W15?
HP: "Clean, centre-partings, ballerina buns, braids, and slightly dishevelled hair. The obsession at the moment, though, is over-all sleek ponytails and buns."

C: Is there a trend we should look out for next season, too?
HP: "Short bobs are here to stay. When it comes to styling, sleek hairdos work more than messy textures and chestnut-brown is a go-to colour, because it works for every skin tone."

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C: Is there one best way to try a new hair product?
HP: "Nothing! There is always a 50 percent risk. It might help to test the product on a wig, or on a few strands of hair."

C: Who would you love to style in Bollywood?
HP: "I love the way Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone experiment with their hair. I think I'd try a faux fringe and a blunt bob for Priyanka, and I'd love to see Deepika in a quirky blonde wig.

C: What are the five hair products a Cosmo girl should carry in her kit?
HP: "Dry Shampoo, like Kerastase Powder Bluff, Moroccan Treatment Oil, TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Serum, L'Oréal Professionnel Spiral Splendour and Kerastase Boucles D'Art Hairstyling Mousse."

C: Any five tips you would like to share with our Cosmo readers
HP: 1. Always carry a serum or a hairspray when you leave the house. 
2. After blow dry, use a serum and target the problem areas (frizz). Then spiral the hair with the product, it will trap the frizz.
3. For after care, it's taken for granted here and even ridiculed a bit, but honestly coconut oil is literally the best thing for hair. 
4. If your hair is curly or thick and wavy, shower at night, put a little conditioner, and serum and then put a braid in. The braid will make the hair more wavy and beach-y when you wake up. Also, the products that you use will eliminate the frizz overnight. 
5. Consume fish, nuts, coconut, avocados, fruits and flax seeds because they keep the hair hydrated and protect it from becoming dry. 

C: If you weren't a hair stylist, what would you be?
HP: "I think a therapist, because everyone needs to vent—and in my case, mostly to a hairdresser. I am saving all the juicy goss for my future book!"


The New York-based Warren Tricomi Salon was founded by celeb hairstylist Edward Tricomi and colour specialist Joel Warren, and their trained specialists are hair pros! The luxe salon also offers a beauty bar, skincare, and rituals from Clarins, Estée Lauder and Forest Essentials. Visit the salons at Zehen at The Manor, Friends Colony West, New Delhi; The Leela, Mumbai; and The Leela, Goa. Visit for details.

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