This Pointillism Makeup Will Blow Your Mind!

Check out how this tattoo-artist-turned-makeup-artist uses tiny dots to apply her makeup.

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From being a TV star on TLC's show La Ink to starting her own makeup range Kat Von D Beauty, the famous tattoo turned makeup artist Kat Von D is one artist you need to follow. She clearly knows how to nail makeup tutorials in the most artistic way on her Youtube Channel

While, her latest makeup technique is definitely mesmerising! The makeup is inspired by Pointillism, for which she uses tiny dots to apply her makeup

This technique of neo-impressionist painting uses tiny dots to create an image. I wanted to apply this style to my makeup, using over 8 shades of Lock-It-Foundation, Tattoo Liner, and Ever Lasting Liquid Lipstick, says Kat Von D.

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Watch the full video below:

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