18 Frizz-Fighting Hair Hacks You Need to Know RIGHT NOW!

Avoid the electrified pouf look for good.

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1. Cold blow

Once you've blow-dried your hair, blast it with cold air as this helps keep the style in place and closes the cuticles making everything (including flyaways) smooth. Point the nozzle downwards too, otherwise things will get messy.

2. Cold rinse

Ok. The thought of freezing water streaming down your back after all that sexy steam is daunting, but running cold water through your hair will work wonders for smoothness because it also helps close off the cuticle. GENIUS.

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3. Dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt

Regular towels can suck too much moisture out of your hair and all that rubbing disturbance can leave you looking electrified. Use a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair intead – it's a much smoother method and your hair will be too.

4. Apple cider vinegar rinse

Not only will it balance your pH levels (instead of stripping your hair like some other more alkaline products), it'll also make your hair feel super soft as its natural detangling properties help close the cuticle. Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and water in a cup and take it into the shower with you.

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5. Coconut oil treatment mask

Coconut oil has become a staple skin hero and it'll also change your hair because of it's MEGA conditioning powers. (It can actually penetrate your hair instead of just coating the surface).

So pull your hair into a pony and apply a few tablespoons of coconut oil to your lengths and ends (avoid your roots for obvious oily reasons). Then, wrap your ponytail into a bun and leave it for half an hour (or for best results leave it in overnight and protect your pillow with a soft towel). The next day, shampoo and condition your hair as per usual.

6. Choose moisturising ingredients

Vitamin E and glycerin are BOSS when it comes to nourishing and hydrating your hair, so look for these on hair product labels (you want them to be high up on the ingredients list as it means there's more of it in the product).

7. Avoid washing your hair everyday

Try co-washing instead – it's where you rinse your hair with water in the shower and then apply and rinse your conditioner as normal. It will give your strands the most gentle, moisturising cleanse which will help keep frizz at bay.

8. Diffuse

Your blow-dryer has attachments for a reason. They're an absolute MUST for curly hair, because they dry the hair by spreading the air evenly and will keep your curls intact. If you don't use one, the hardcore concentration of air on your hair will more likely break up curls making them look messy and poufy. Products like frizz and static control sprays can be applied to damp or styled hair to do exactly what it says it will, and it'll moisturise.

9. Hairspray your toothbrush

Post-styling, spritz a spare toothbrush (which will now become your "hair toothbrush") with hairspray and run it over your hair to smooth flyaways down. You won't fall victim to a heavy-handed hairspray application using this clever trick.

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10. Get a damn good cut

Sometimes frizz can look worse if you've got breakage and dry, sizzled ends, so have a chop and ask your hairstylist to create some layers for a decent freshen up.

11. Wide-tooth comb

Doing too much to your hair (including just touching it especially when it's wet) will fast-track your hair to frizz ball. Instead, run a wide-tooth comb through wet hair for minimal messing.

12. Use heat protectant spray

No excuses on this one. Heat protectant products these days are generally multi-taskers – some will smooth, thicken and protect all at once. So if you don't use one, you're missing out, especially when it comes to unprotected, fried ends.

13. Go sulphate- and alcohol-free

Sulphate and alcohol dry the hair out and considering your hair NEEDS moisture to de-frizz, these ingredients aren't doing your strands any favours. BOO, you guys.

14. Check the weather

Humidity means hectic hair. So pop a smoothing serum (or even a hand moisturiser) in your purse and that way you can control your mane on-the-go.

15. Sleep on satin

Cotton pillowcases are dreamy, but the satin variety will help make your hair much more manageable (AKA way less crazy). That's because the cotton causes a lot of friction between your hair and the pillowcase – meaning tangles and frizz – but satin ones are slippery so your hair can move effortlessly about throughout the night and stay polished.

16. Sort your sweat

While moisture does help prevent frizz, when you workout the moisture from your hair sweat can actually cause frizz because of the sodium dehydrating your hair. To beat this, apply a conditioning product to your lengths before you exercise.

17. Go boar

Brushing your hair with a boar bristle brush (instead of a plastic one) helps distribute your natural oils for less fuzz.

18. Wear a hat

Because then everyone is none the wiser and your far-shun skills will give you street cred.

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com.au

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