Here's How You Can Get No-Heat Curls!

*curls overload*

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Craving some curls? But worried about the heat styling? We get your pain! Curling hair constantly can damage your hair, but there are different ways to curl your hair. You can use flexi rods (belowand twist & turn these rods for wavevious curls!

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We scrolled Instagram and saw how blogger Halbin Kochar curled her hair using curling rods for no heat curls.

➰ NO HEAT curls ➰💃🏻 With curling/flexi rods (size - medium) and ponytail trick for long! ✨ Start with wet hair: 1. Put your hair into a high pony 2. Use flexi rods to rull up your curls. 3. Use a good hairspray and wait, you can do whatever you want for 40-60 min.. (Forgot to show you when I used the spray) 3. Open your curls from the flexi rods and yeah you reached the final .. "You can also sleep with them until the next morning" 🌸 ✨ Hope you like it and enjoy your result✨🌸 Music: Ibrahim Tatlisses - Dom dom 🎶 ---------------- قژ لوولكردن به‌بێ به‌كارهێنانی ڤێر (له‌گه‌ڵ ئه‌و جۆره‌ له‌فری له‌ ڤیدیۆكه‌دا دیاره‌) بۆ قژی دڕێژ ✨ ١.هه‌موو قژت به‌ به‌رزی ببه‌سته‌ ٢.له‌فه‌كان به‌كار بهێنه‌ (له‌ قژتی بئاڵێنه‌) ٣.سپڕایه‌كی باشی قژ به‌كاربهێنه‌ وه‌ چاوه‌ڕێ بكه‌ ده‌توانی بۆ 40-60 ده‌قه‌ بوه‌ستی (ببورن به‌كارهێنانی سپراكه‌م بیر چوو پیشانتان بده‌م له‌ ڤیدیۆكه‌) ٤.له‌فه‌كان له‌ قژت بكه‌وه‌ و چێژ له‌ ئه‌نجامه‌كه‌ی ببینه‌💃🏻✨ • هه‌روه‌ها ده‌توانی شه‌و پێوه‌ی بخه‌وی و بۆ ڕۆژی دواتر لێی بكه‌یته‌وه‌ #hudabeauty #vegas_nay #laurag_143 #wakeupandmakeup #ghalichiglam @hudabeauty @laurag_143 @wakeupandmakeup @vegas_nay

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