Anyone who's ever worn glasses
knows that familiar feeling of having to constantly push their
frames up their nose. If this annoyance is part of your daily reality,
rejoice, for there is a life-changing makeup hack you need to know.

After a thread was started on the subject of makeup tips for glasses wearers, several genius Redditors in the Makeup Addiction group explained their favorite tip: using eye primer to make their glasses keep on the bridge of their nose.

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On top of making your glasses stay up, this trick also prevents your makeup from disappearing as a result of your frames. One member said,
"To keep my makeup from sliding off my nose, I actually just dab a bit
of eyeshadow primer on the bridge of my nose where my glasses sit.
Simple, but effective!" Simple and effective: our two favorite words
when it comes to makeup tricks.

Another beauty dilemma, solved! For another great tip on working with makeup when you have glasses, check out this easy trick on keeping those pesky mascara streaks from getting on your glasses.


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