4 Home Remedies to Reduce Upper Lip Hair NATURALLY

Three out of four are TOTALLY pain-free!

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1. Egg White

Egg white, milk and turmeric mix is a great remedy for removing upper lip hair naturally. Turmeric and milk are excellent ingredients for skin lightening. Also, turmeric is a natural hair removal agent.

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  1. Take one egg white and add some corn flour and sugar to it.
  2. Mix all the ingredients to form a sticky paste.
  3. Apply this paste on your upper lip area.
  4. Peel it off after half an hour, or when it's completely dry.

Do this thrice a week for best results.

2. Lemon, Sugar And Water

Sugar gently scrubs your skin while lemon juice has skin-lightening properties. Use this remedy regularly to reduce hair growth on your upper lip area.

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  1. Squeeze the juice of two lemons in a bowl.
  2. Now add some water and sugar to the lemon juice and stir all the ingredients well.
  3. Apply this thin paste all over your upper lip.
  4. Let it dry for 15 minutes and wash it off with water.

3. Flour

Flour is another natural ingredient that can be used to remove upper lip hair naturally. It gently scrubs your skin removing facial hair naturally.

  1. Take some flour in a bowl
  2. Now add some milk and turmeric to it.
  3. Mix all the ingredients to form a thick paste.
  4. Apply this on your upper lip.
  5. Peel it off once it's dry.

4. Brown Sugar Waxing

Brown sugar wax is another easy-peasy natural remedy to get rid of upper lip hair for cheap.

  1. Take 1 cup brown sugar and mix it with 2 tablespoons each of water and lemon juice.
  2. Now heat the mixture on medium flame.
  3. Keep stirring the paste constantly.
  4. Wash your face and pat it dry.
  5. Dust some face powder or talcum powder over your upper lip area.
  6. Now apply this sugar wax on your upper lip using a spatula.
  7. Take a small strip of cloth and press the wax using it.
  8. Wait for a minute before pulling the cloth off the skin against the direction of the hair growth.

(Caution: Using natural sugar wax may cause mild pain. Just rub an ice cube over your lip to soothe any inflammation.)

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