Whether it's reinvigorating your hair after the Summer sun, or getting a completely new look this Autumn, read on for our expert tips...


Hours in the sun, sea and pool feel wonderful at the time, but can leave your hair dry, dull and riddled with split ends. 'UV rays and chlorine oxidise hair in a similar way to bleach, and weaken and degrade its protein structure. 

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Salt water is osmotic and removes moisture,' explains trichologist Anabel Kingsley of Philip Kingsley.Cut your hair to remove split ends, says Anabel. 'It will improve its overall appearance, making mid-lengths and ends look thicker and more substantial. I

f ignored, split ends can split further up the hair shaft, causing more damage.'Hair that has dried out is less elastic and breaks more easily, but you can improve its strength with a weekly pre-shampooing conditioning treatment.

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In the salon, a keratin treatment remains the best way to treat frizz and restore your tresses' elasticity and strength, says Jonathan Long of Lockonego. 


'At this time of year, I get lots of women coming to me saying they want to change their hair', says Lockonego's Jonathan Long. 'It's that back-to-school feeling. For those who want to grow it, my advice is always to have a 2mm trim every eight to 12 weeks to keep the ends from splitting. I promise, in a year, hair will be longer – and look healthy.'He also suggests challenging yourself, or your hairdresser, to style your hair differently. Invest in curling tongs to give yourself a looser, fashionably undone wave, or use irons to deal with kinks that always annoy you. 

If you're up for more of a change, try a fringe, be it grown out, angled or very precise. The only face shape a fringe doesn't work so well on is a very square one. But avoid a fringe if you a have a short forehead, as it has the effect of cutting your face in half.


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