So This is How Hrithik Roshan Proposed to Sussanne Khan, 17 Years Ago

Sussanne looked stunning in a traditional attire at party, they were both invited to. It was at that moment he decided and told his best friend, he will marry her someday!

It all started at a traffic signal seventeen years go. The minute Hrithik turned to his left to glance at the car next to him, he saw the most gorgeous woman he had ever come across. He just saw her waiting at a traffic signal and he knew this is the girl who will be in his life forever at just young age of 12.

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It is said that the traffic signal scene from Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai when the second Hrithik Roshan meets Ameesha Patel for the first time was inspired by the real life story of Hrithik and Sussanne.

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Sussanne was invited as a guest at his sister's engagement party and Hrithik thought she looked absolutely stunning in the traditional attire, she was wearing. He turned to his best friend and said he is going to marry her someday.

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After few months they started dating each other. And soon enough, Hrithik was believed to be ready to pop the question. He proposed to her on a beach in Mumbai. It's rumoured that he slipped a beautiful ring, into a mug of coffee that she was drinking.

The couple dated for four years before getting married and are now divorced. But, that has never stopped them from spending time with their kids together and taking them to trips, cos "parenting is their #1 priority", after all.

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