The 8 Most Dumb and CONTROVERSIAL Things Sonam Kapoor Said (Like, Ever)

Damn, this girl can be snarky (but also pretty funny)!

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1. Her Tweet About Shobha De

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When Shobha De wrote a scathing review about Sonam's movie calling it "I Hate Dumb Stories ' and further went on to call her 'a lassie who lacks oomph' Sonam refused to let it go without a comeback. She posted the following Tweet calling the critic Menopausal and urging people not to take her seriously (eep)!

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2. When Her Acting Skills Were Questioned

While appearing on Coffee with Karan in 2014, Sonam was asked about serious acting and her image as a fashion icon . She reply was simply:

"Just because one looks ugly doesn't mean he/she can act"

3. On Being Denied a Chance to Walk the Red Carpet at Cannes

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After being chosen as a L'Oreal brand ambassador, Sonam was supposed to walk the red carpet at Cannes with Aishwarya Rai. However, she was 'dropped' that particular year, amidst whispers of controversy.

Sonam made a tongue in cheek comment calling Aish an 'aunty' from another generation citing the fact that she has starred opposite her dad, Anil Kapoor.

4. On Katrina Kaif

When she did go to Cannes the following year, Sonam was interviewed by telly host Anupama Chopra and asked about Katrina Kaif. Behold, her sassy reply...

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" With all due respect, I want to give Katrina Kaif a bouquet of flowers. I don't know how she does it; you need a certain level of commitment and shamelessness to do certain things. You get that maybe with confidence in your talent or who you are as a person"

5. In a Quote to Stardust Magazine

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In a interview with the film magazine, Sonam pretty much said 'F*ck coyness', and took credit for raising Bollywood's sartorial game.

"I burst on the fashion scene and ruined everybody's life. I'm sure some actresses hate me for it "

5. While Exchanging Quips with Ranbir Kapoor

After debuting together, Sonam and Ranbir had a little grump-off when the actress sided with Ranbir's ex Deepika on Koffee with Karan, calling Ranbir a 'mama's boy' .

Ranbir, later, went on to call Sonam a drama queen to which she retorted

"I'm an actress darling, if I don't do drama who else will?"

6. When Asked to give Parineeti Fashion Advice

When asked by Karan Johar what fashion advice she'd like to give Parineeti, Sonam said:

"Don't wear those tight clothes"

7. On actors getting plastic surgery

Also on the sets of Coffee with with Karan, Sonam spoke about plastic surgery, saying,

"When people get buried the Silicon gets left behind"

8. On How She (Allegedly) Ignored Sonakshi Sinha

When the media tried to create controversy between the two actresses, Sonam exchanged this funny Twitter repertoire...

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