1. Her Tweet About Shobha De

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When Shobha De wrote a scathing review about Sonam's movie calling it "I Hate Dumb Stories ' and further went on to call her 'a lassie who lacks oomph' Sonam refused to let it go without a comeback. She posted the ​ following Tweet calling the critic Menopausal and urging people not to take her seriously​ (eep)!

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​2. When Her Acting Skills Were Questioned

While appearing on Coffee with Karan in 2014, Sonam was asked about serious acting and her image as a fashion icon . She reply was simply:

"Just because one looks ugly doesn't mean he/she can act"

3. ​On Being Denied a Chance to Walk the Red Carpet at Cannes

After being chosen as a L'Oreal brand ambassador, Sonam was supposed to walk the red carpet at Cannes with Aishwarya Rai. However, she was 'dropped' that particular year, amidst whispers of controversy. 

Sonam made a tongue in cheek comment calling Aish an 'aunty' from another generation citing the fact that she has starred opposite her dad, Anil Kapoor​.

​4. On Katrina Kaif

​When she did go to Cannes the following year, Sonam was interviewed by telly host Anupama Chopra and asked about Katrina Kaif. Behold, her sassy reply...

" With all due respect, I want to give Katrina Kaif a bouquet of flowers. I don't know how she does it; you need a certain level of commitment and shamelessness to do certain things. You get that maybe with confidence in your talent or who you are as a person"

​5. In a Quote to Stardust Magazine

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In a interview with the film magazine, Sonam pretty much said 'F*ck coyness', and took credit for raising Bollywood's sartorial game.

"I burst on the fashion scene and ruined everybody's life. I'm sure some actresses hate me for it "

5. While Exchanging Quips with Ranbir Kapoor

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After debuting together, Sonam and Ranbir had a little grump-off when the actress sided with Ranbir's ex Deepika on Koffee with Karan, calling Ranbir a 'mama's boy' .

Ranbir, later, went on to call Sonam a drama queen to which she retorted

"I'm an actress darling, if I don't do drama who else will?"

​6. When Asked to give Parineeti Fashion Advice

When asked by Karan Johar what fashion advice she'd like to give Parineeti, Sonam said:

"Don't wear those tight clothes"

7. ​On actors getting plastic surgery

Also on the sets of Coffee with with Karan, Sonam spoke about plastic surgery, saying,

"When people get buried the Silicon gets left behind"

​8. On How She (Allegedly) Ignored Sonakshi Sinha

When the media tried to create controversy between the two actresses, Sonam exchanged this funny Twitter repertoire..​.

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