7 Times Parineeti Chopra's Instagram Gave Us #LifeGoals

jealous much?!

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If you are anything like us, you are obsessed with Parineeti Chopra! A quick scroll through her Instagram feed will give you a candid glimpse inside the life of one of Bollywood's superstars (and so much envy)! Here are 7 times Parineeti's Insta gave us all the feels and made us want to be her!

1) When she followed her first passion...singing! 
Must be tough being this talented! 

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2) When she went shopping in London with her besties 
...and looked so chic! 

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3) When she got her makeup done...while taking a nap! 

4) When she wore THIS outfit. 
Enough said *heart eyes*!

5) When she hung out with Bollywood royalty
...and made us oh-so-jelly! 

6) When she made 'chilling on the beach' look this good! 
Sunset glam! 

7) When she shared the best meal she has ever had 
...from the sky! 

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