Does Sonam Kapoor Have a New Boyfriend?

P.S. We hear he is super cute!

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Bollywood's style diva Sonam Kapoor has always been discreet about her personal life, never acknowledging rumours and keeping in classy.

However , if the grape vine is to be believed , Sonam is dating a super hot guy , and is loving every minute of it !

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The man in question is Anand Ahuja , Delhi based businessman and owner of the popular apparel brand Bhane. Hailing from a family that works in apparel manufacturing , Anand studied from the American school before graduating Wharton business school (Yes! he's smart too ladies)

The two of them have known each other for two years , and were even seen holidaying together in London.

Nobody knows the truth for sure , but we think they look super cute together and have our fingers crossed !

What do you think?