Alia Bhatt is All Set to Hit Your Mobile Screens With Her Very Own Smartphone Game!

Holyshmoly 😍

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Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt has collaborated with Moon Frog to launch her very own experiential game'Alia Bhatt: Star Life' and it's a treat for all Bollywood fans out there.

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"I can't express my excitement enough to launch this game and offer my fans a fun way to experience life in the movie universe," said the Dear Zindagi actor.

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"While it's my game, I feel the best part is that it places the fan upfront and centre and provides a wonderful experience," she added.

Alia also revealed how she met with the creators of the quirky, fun game, "I first met the Moonfrog team in Goa around a year ago when I was filming Dear Zindagi and it's been amazing to see just how much work goes into building a game that works on so many interesting levels."

The game is now available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

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