7 Lesser Known Facts About Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan's Marriage!

For instance, Aishwarya looks upon her husband for his feedback when it comes to reviewing scripts.

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9 years of togetherness, successful movies and an adorable lil daughter, and yet here are some interesting facts behind this power couple's relationship, which you probably haven't heard of before. Read on and find out for yourself.

1. It wasn't love at first sight for them!

This power couple is yet another example of the classic Bollywood inspired love saga which begins with *friendship*. The two were reportedly good friends on the sets of Dhai Akshar Prem Ke and Kuch Na Kaho, and finally ended up falling for each other on the sets of Guru. Clearly, Abhishek was not the one to be easily friendzoned!

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2. A major development on the sets of Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

Abhishek has gone on record to admit, that it was during the shooting of the movie when he broke down, leaving even director Karan Johar choked up. It was finally when Micky Contractor, Aishwarya's fave make-up artist, took him for a long drive, he opened up and confessed that he was in love with Aishwarya.

3. Aishwarya received a proposal you wouldn't believe!

As a token of his love for her, Abhishek ditched the cliched designer diamonds, and gifted the love of his life, the very same ring that was used during the shoot of "Guru" .

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4. Their wedding was an extravagant yet private event.

What was reportedly an intimate wedding celebration, had apparently cost the Bachchan household a whopping amount of two crore rupees. So much for having a restrictive guest list!

5. Aishwarya loves cooking for her husband!

Now you would think a drop dead gorgeous celebrity, who was formerly Miss World, would not be the regular wife who loves household tasks as much, but you're mistaken! Aishwarya absolutely adores pampering her hubby with delicious food. Looks like she too believes that the way to a man's heart, is through his stomach!

6. Abhishek is pretty old school when it comes to romance!

He is quite the gentleman, with no airs of being a celebrity. It was a lesser known fact that he courted Aishwarya through insanely romantic gestures, emotions and words. Who wouldn't marry such a doting partner?

7. Any guesses for who Aishwarya seeks career advice from?

Despite having an extremely long and rewarding career in Bollywood of twenty years, Aishwarya looks upon her husband, Abhishek for his feedback when it comes to reviewing scripts. If this is not faith in a relationship, what is?

We are falling head over heels in love with this power couple, once again!

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