This Twitter Banter Between Gauri And Shah Rukh Khan Is Adorable AF!

And it's proved yet again that he's a reel AND a real life king of romance.

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Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri share such a rock-solid relationship that is so #CoupleGoals. Their romantic love story has been giving the lovers life (and hope!).

The undisputed king of romance, Shah Rukh Khan sure knows how to keep the spark alive. He posted a picture on social media as a reply to one of Gauri's posts on Instagram. That adorable reply garnered so much love and blessings for the Khans.

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Gauri posted this picture of herself on Instagram and Twitter:

Blue jeans and a t - shirt ... my look for 2017.

A post shared by Gauri Khan (@gaurikhan) on

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The witty actor took no time and posted a picture of AbRam and himself wearing a blue jeans and a tee.

After this, he also posted a collage with their 'look for 2017'!

Aren't the Khans a family of cuties?!

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