15 Bollywood Celebrities Who Changed Their Name For Better Luck

"What's in a name?"— more fame, apparently!

While changing their names for the screen was the raging trend in the yesteryear, Bollywood celebs seem to have modified it a bit—they tweak the spellings of their names to alter the *fault in their stars*!

It is widely believed that besides the obvious game-changers called "talent" and "hard-work"—a hint of luck and a bit of help from numerology, also play a key role in determining the career graph of an individual, and our superstitious Bollywood celebs are no different!

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A cocktail of adding and subtracting letters, leading to altogether funny concoctions—these 'new' names seem to have worked very well for some, but proved ineffective for some others. After all, some things are beyond the control of even luck. Know what we mean?

These 15 celebrities took to changing their names, check out their hilarious new forms:

1. Karishma Kapoor —became— Karisma Kapoor

Image result for karisma kapoor

2. Rani Mukherjee —became— Rani Mukerji

Image result for rani mukerji

3. Ayushman Khurana —became— Ayushmann Khurrana

Image result for ayushmaan khurana landscape

4. Ajay Devgan —became— Ajay Devgn

Related image

5. Ritesh Deshmukh —became— Riteish Deshmukh

Image result for riteish deshmukh

6. Kareina Kapoor —became— Kareena Kapoor

Image result for kareena kapoor landscape

7. Sonam A. Kapoor —became— Sonam Kapoor

Image result for sonam kapoor landscape

8. Rajkumar Yadav —became— Rajkummar Rao

Image result for rajkummar rao landscape

9. Javed Jaffrey —became— Jaaved Jaafery

Image result for javed jaffrey

10. Jimmy Shergill —became— Jimmy Sheirgill

Image result for jimmy shergill

11. Rithik Roshan —became— Hrithik Roshan

Image result for hrithik roshan landscape

12. Sunil Shetty —became— Suniel Shetty

Image result for sunil shetty

13. Vivek Oberoi —became— Viveik Oberoi

Image result for vivek oberoi landscape

14. Tushar Kapoor —became— Tusshar Kapoor

Image result for tushar kapoor landscape

15. Narmmadaa Ahuja —became— Tina Ahuja

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