5 Times Bollywood Celebs Shamelessly Age-Shamed Each Other

Not cool, guys!

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Age gap, pay gap, generation gap, we know it's all there in Bollywood. Entertainment industry, where an 18 year old can be paired with a 50 year old guy, there have been other instances where celebs have age-shamed each other in a hilarious (or even in a mean) way!

Let discuss a few occasions where Bollywood stars have tried doing that.

1. When Deepika said she wanted to see Katrina Kaif's passport on her KWK. The actor ended up putting Katrina's age under scrutiny and sort of hinted at her lying about her age.

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Karan Johar: An advice you'd like to give Katrina?

Deepika Padukone: Can I ask her a question instead?

KJ: Sure!

DP: Can I see your passport?

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2. When Shah Rukh Khan joke about child abuse (so not cool) on KWK , made it to this list

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3. When Sonam Kapoor told media how she actually feels about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

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Sonam actually addressed Aishwarya as "An aunty from another generation." 😂

4. When Sonam's BFF, Kareena Kapoor said has similar thoughts about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

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"There is no point in comparing me to Aishwarya,we're from two different generations."

Exactly how old they you Aishwarya really is, guys? Google it– she's not ancient!

5. When Kangana Ranaut's sister addressed her former lover, Hrithik as an "uncle"

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