Dwayne Johnson Says It Was "Love at First Sight" With Priyanka Chopra

A million hearts breaking 💔 💔

Whole of Hollywood seems to be smitten with Priyanka Chopra. From her female co-workers saying the nicest things about her to International celebs calling her Hollwood's most bankable badass, she has never failed to surprise us with her wildly growing success.

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In an interview during Baywatch promotions her co-star Dwayne Johnson opened up about how he met her and had that instant connection.

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Talking about his first ever meeting with her he said, "I love this woman, it's funny when she came to America… She was over here, signed with our agency, with my agent, we immediately had that connection," Johnson said, adding, "We got on the phone, we immediately vibed, we share the same DNA, the same ambition… Not only did I fall in love with her, we had this crazy idea that she would be an amazing villain on Baywatch."

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We're just on the lookout for more updates on this!!! 😍 Can they be Hollywood new most bankable badass couple? Fans keepin' their fingers crossed! 🙏

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