Sonakshi #SnapsBack At The Haters

She responded like. A. Bawssss.

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The bravest thing a celebrity can do is (no, not a bikini scene post a cheesecake-and-cocktail-binge-infested Bahamas vacay) delve into a Twitter one-on-one with their fans. One, naturally, hopes that there will be nothing but a torrent of high praise and the fan kingdom's lovey-doveyness, but often, a troll sneaks in with some pent-up nastiness to dispense. One such individual asked the pretty Sonakshi Sinha what made her 'so ugly', to which Sonakshi responded like. A. Bawssss.

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The Twitter Troll had this to say

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To which Sonakshi quipped

Twitter's not been kind to the golden girl in the past (Exhibit A: the debacle of her forehead 'looming large' in her past film, Lootera. We do, however, need to give the girl chops; handled with a sense of humour (and not a smidgeon of defensive or self-consciousness), Sonakshi just showed us that social media ain't gonna own her anytime soon. 

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