If You Think Miley's VMA Red Carpet Look Is Crazy From the Front, You're Correct, But Wait Till You See The Rear View Also

Miley is clearly taking her hosting gig seriously - by which I mean she is BRINGING THE CRAZY (and then some) on the pre-show red carpet.

First Miley was naked, and then she was gallivanting around backstage before tonight's VMAs in an avocado-print unitard. And yet in both these instances she was just getting warmed up in the style stakes, because she's just walked the red carpet in an outfit comprised of thigh-high silver boots, four belts (worn as a "blouse" in the loosest sense of the word), some likely-faux dreadlocks, and a skirt made from the crystals that you'll more often have found dangling from lampshades in your great aunt's house.

All this (s)ass and the show hasn't even started yet! Get prepared for unbridled - and uncensored - mayhem, because Miley's clearly not playing around. Even though she is.

By Alex Rees

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