OMG The *BEST* Instagram Update Ever

Instagram is feeding our emoji appetite.

We've all gone emoji cray on Instagram sometime or the other
and Insta (sneakily) is now feeding our emoji appetite with its latest update.
Yes, Whatsapp has always been our fave because of the gazillion emoji but Insta
is set to win our hearts.

Instagram now offers
us the privilege to hashtag emoji (thank you Lord)! And ICYMI, there's some pretty
amazing new filters too (so go ahead, pout away). And here's what really got
us, "Lark", "Reyes" and "Juno", the new filters were named after Instagram
co-founder Mike Krieger's dogs (like really, dogs inspire filter names now)?
P.S. Don't worry if there's way too many filters for you to handle, you can
hold one down and arrange them in order of preference (yeah, you can thank us later)!

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"Over the past few years, emoji have become part of a
universal visual language," "And just as we share photos and videos, we use
emoji to communicate emotions and feelings in ways that anyone can understand,
regardless of language or background."

But hold that thought, you still can't hashtag emoji on
Facebook and Twitter, so what's the wait for? Get with it you guys!

What do you think?