Farhan Akhtar Thinks Masaan is a Work of Art

Um. Agree.

You may have heard rumours circling about how good newbie director Neeraj Ghaywan's Masaan is, and if you were still iffy about whether the socio-political commentary of the film will be up your street, here's a man whose opinion you'll trust, vouching for the film being a veritable 'work of art'.

"It's an amazing film. Truly, it is a work of art. My congratulations to
the director Neeraj and to the entire cast, to everybody who has
worked on this film from the bottom of my heart. Being a part of the
fraternity of filmmakers, you feel really proud of a film like this. And
whoever hasn't watched the film till now, I recommend that they please go
and watch the film," said Farhan.

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When the question of the film being a brilliant one, but a dark one arose, Farhan added "I don't think of cinema as dark or light. For me, the story should be
good and that we should get something new to see, a new culture and
fresh characters. Being based on reality as far as possible is always

The film, that starsRicha Chaddha, is about two plot points converging, following the lives of Devi and Deepak, and how they find their lives and hopes derailed by social injustice, caste barriers and police brutality. Farhan's right about one thing, though. The film is definitely worth the watch; and who knows, you and the gorgeous Milkha star might be in total agreement.

Watch the trailer here...

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