Here, at the Cosmo HQ, we're privy to some of the stars most interesting little secrets. So we thought we'd share a few we've discovered exclusively over the years working with Sonam Kapoor....​

1) She Loves Her PJs the Mostest!

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You may expect this to be choice garb for the ultimate Fashionista, but it's her favourite thing to wear! Fight for second place, peplum skirts and jumpsuits!

2) Her family really makes fun of her!

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She loves it, though, because that's what keeps her grounded and pops the fame bubble every so oft.

3) She's a Cellphone junkie!

She says she often has at least three of 'em in her handbag!!

4) She likes her men clean-shaven

No stubble for this super-star! She's after a boy with a jaw as smooth as silk.

5) She's a morning person!

She'd pick an early morning over a crazy, late-night out any day.

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