11 Times Ranveer Singh's Instagram Proved He's the Funniest Guy Around

SO fun-nay!

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The funny man of the film biz is always on—and these Insta-moments from his account are perfect examples of why his sense of humour is the most lovable thing about him...

Wearing shades the NON douchey way...
Being the comic relief of the situation since 1985...
Being a pair of sad emoticons...
The 'Laughing at my self'-ie
It ain't flirting till it's cheesy—and it ain't cheesy without a rose!
We'll take one backstage pass to THAT conversation, please?
You know, just wiggin' out #retronotsochic
Will. Work. For. Cuddles.
Throwback Thursday just got Hashtag Hilarious.
Yeeeeahhh...We think Mogambo would be pretty happy
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