ALL the Times Ranveer Singh Proved that He is the Dubsmash King of Bollywood

As if there was a question of that after his 'Eye to Eye'!

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So nobody in Bollywood Dubsmash-es better than Ranveer Singh (and now he's making EVERYBODY do it too!). So as we inch towards 2016, here's a roundup of ALL the times Ranveer Singh totally owned Dubsmash this year!

When he was 'on top of the world!'

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When this gender swap happened with Priyanka Chopra 

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When he did a throwback to his movie dad Anil Kapoor's popular dialogue.

When he was on point about family dynamics.

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When he showed love for Anil Kapoor with this one.

When he had this ADORABLE exchange with Deepika Padukone.

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When he made Amitabh Bachchan debut with a Dubsmash of his dialogue from Bajirao Mastani.

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When he basically made EVERYONE Dubsmash with him, and it was awesome.

When he missed his bae Arjun Kapoor so much that he made this one to call him back home.

And now. The BEST ONE:

When Hrithik Roshan challenged him and THIS happened:

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Ranveer Singh is Making EVERYONE Dubsmash His Dialogues, Because Why Not?

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