Internet is NOT Happy With Chetan Bhagat's Latest Tweet About Women in Delhi!

Chetan Bhagat involved in ANOTHER Twitter controversy. Surprised?

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Everyone has a LOT of opinions about the latest 'odd-even' car rule that the Delhi government has introduced as a scheme to reduce the levels of pollution and smog in the city. 

So when the government announced that women drivers are exempted from this rule, everyone had a lot to say about that too, including Chetan Bhagat who has not got the best history of tweeting about political issue sin the past.

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This is what Chetan Bhagat tweeted regarding the amendment:

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Twitter did not take kindly to this and soon tweets started pouring in:

Soon Chetan Bhagat started trending across the country!

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This caused Chetan Bhagat to go on a rant as well:

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We can only say that it's a free country, and everyone is allowed to have their own opinions, unless they're overstepping on someone else's fundamental rights. But a little thought before tweeting is always a good thing, eh?

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