A Throwback to These Hilarious Posters Imagine What Shah Rukh Khan's Breaking Bad Would Look Like!

Jesse Pinkman becomes 'Rahul Gulabiwala' and Walter White becomes 'Bharat Brown'... because why not?

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Ever since Shah Rukh Khan announced that he is going to remake Breaking Bad as a Bollywood movie, the world has gone crazy!

Speculations about the plot and the casting and basically EVERYTHING ABOUT IT are rife, so AIB decided to imagine just how Shah Rukh Khan's Breaking Bad (or Todenge Ganda) would look like!

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So Anupam Kher would be Walter White or Bharat Brown

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Shah Rukh Khan would be Jesse Pinkman or Rahul Gulabiwala (of course)

Archana Puran Singh would be Skylar White ooooor Braganza Brown (YES!)

And Om Puri would be Hank Schrader or Haresh Shukla

There you go! 

What do you think of this version of Breaking Bad??

What do you think?