If you haven't seen 'Scream Queens' yet, you need to do it pronto. YES!

In cas you need any further motivation other than the fact that it's a crazy hilarious show about a serial killer bent on killing every member of a sorority and is basically one of the best TV shows of 2015, here are some valuable lessons you can learn from 'Scream Queens':

1) How to order coffee the right way:

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2) How to get even with haters:

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3) How to get people (who you've just met) to like you:

4) How to make killer (pun unintended) fashion choices in life:

5) What is the true meaning of being empowered:

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6) How earmuffs are the accessories you never knew you needed in your life:

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7) How to greet people properly:

8) How to compliment people:

9) How to justify eating pizza everyday:

10) How to plan your future:

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11) How to own being in prison:

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12) How to do deep and meaningful funeral speeches for your loved ones:

13) How to make people feel better about themselves:

14) How to start speeches:

15) How to be a stellar leader:

16) How to congratulate new parents:

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17) How to give ultimatums to end all ultimatums:

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18) How to exit a room like a boss:

19) How to effectively get people to listen to you:

20) What to do when people can't even assassinate you properly:

21) What is takes to be in a successful relationship:

22) How to nail meeting your boyfriend's parents for the first time:

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23) How to make a solid case with the person who is trying to murder you, on why they shouldn't (applicable in all life situations):

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24) What to say to your new neighbour's when you're invited to their house for the first time:

25) Why getting brutally murdered by a serial killer won't be the worst thing ever:

26) The only acceptable response for haters:

27) How to win friends for life:

28) How to feel better in any sad situation:


29) How to look totally fierce while facing criminal charges:

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