THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Deepika Padukone is Going to Star With Vin Diesel in His Next Movie!


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Deepika Padukone is going to star alongside Vin Diesel (not petrol, that's for Akshay Kumar and co.!) in the upcoming sequel to XXX franchise!

The actress had teased us all with a mysterious caption-less Instagram post, which had sent us all in a tizzy:

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And then Vin Diesel had also posted a picture of the two of them making us all question everything around us and the meaning of life:

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But then the director of the movie confirmed the news and Deepika's Piku co star, Irrfan Khan, congratulated her and it all got official!

She starts shooting for the movie in February, reportedly, in the Dominican Republic.

We can hardly wait for more updates on this! 

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