​The issue of wage gap in the entertainment industry is being talked about globally and now Bollywood celebs have also started talks about the disparity between the value of male and female stars.

In an interview recently, Shabana Azmi spoke about the issue and made perfectly valid points about why it exists and how it can be discontinued.

"I feel gender disparity in payment exists all over the world, not particularly in the film industry and that is simply because it's the male star that brings the bucks in the box office, I would urge the young male superstars to support us in this. Shah Rukh Khan made a remarkable gesture when he said that Deepika Padukone's name will come before him. That is lovely. But it needs to go beyond that."

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She further added, "Just as it is perfectly acceptable that when you have any of the big heroes, then the big heroines will come along and do a secondary role. So, why can't male young superstars also say "All right, I will do this film in which I have a less important role because I feel it's important". So, this is the kind of gender equality I believe in. And if they do that, then the money will come in and we will be able to make the actual change. So it's all about sensitising them in a way."

She is not the first actress to speak out against the globally talked about issue. Anushka Sharma's powerful interview with Anupama Chopra exposed the rampant sexism and ageism practiced in Bollywood.

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