Alia Bhatt's Birthday Cake is Pretty Much Everything #CakeGoals are Made of...

Also, BONUS: Alia Bhatt dressed as a present <3

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There are very few cakes that can make us go "YAAAAAAAS!", and Alia Bhatt's birthday cake is totally one of them.

OK, this was a lie, all cakes can make us go "YAAAAAAAS!", because cake.

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But seriously, check out Alia's cake and weep:

Best bday cake ever ❤️ @shaheenb @s1dofficial @fawadkhan81 @akansharanjan

A post shared by Alia ✨⭐️ (@aliaabhatt) on

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And as promised, here's Alia Bhatt looking adorable (no surprises there!) as a present:

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