15 Mean Tweets About Sonakshi Sinha That Attack Her for Just ANYTHING!

"I hate Sonakshi Sinha so much I'm afraid I might smash in my TV screen."

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Despite the fact that Sonakshi's gorgeous, incredibly witty, and a total #baller at social media, the internet is full of spiteful venom for the girl—about everything, from her weight to her acting—to her forehead! 

#1. This asinine hatred because she looks like an ex...

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#2. A recurring problem, apparently...

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#3. This random attack on how 'classy' she is...

#4. This hating on the girl because she blocked some creep

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#5. This accusation that she 'tries too hard' 

#6. This discrediting of her as a judge

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#7. This random bout of violence for both her and Sonam

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#8. Which seems to not be that uncommon an emotion.

#9. This girl reacting horridly to being associated with Sonakshi

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#10. This post that LOOKS like concern...until it isn't. 

#11. This unabashed bout of fat-shaming

#12. This dislike of Shahid Kapoor simply for being FRIENDS with her! 

#13. And AGAIN!

#14. This totally uncalled-for looping in of hatred. 

#15. This idea that she isn't 'doing right' by our culture. 

Luckily, the girl is too cool for school, and couldn't give less of a f*ck. And we love you for it, S-Dawg! 

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