My Beauty Edit: Jennifer Aniston

The actress reveals how she stays in shape, and why she prefers serums to oils.

The actress is renowned for her signature hairstyle, but Jennifer Aniston's flawless skin and toned limbs should not be overlooked. Bazaar caught up with the star to find out what her beauty and wellbeing regime is…

On skincare saviours….

"Since I was kid, I've been obsessed with moisturising. Now as an adult, I love Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion, £7.65 –  it nourishes my skin, it smells great and it isn't too heavy. I've got one by every sink, one in my car, it's everywhere."

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The beauty tip she gives her friends…

"I always tell my friends to get more sleep and drink more water. If you're dehydrated or you've under slept, it really shows in your skin."

On complexion boosters

"Take a nap… I would also say use a good revitalising mask. I love cream and sheet masks equally."

On make-up essentials

"There is always a lip gloss and a concealer in my handbag. Currently, I'm obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury's lipsticks, £23, they're my new favourites; and I also have this incredible Chanel compact, which has a blusher, lip colour and eyeshadow."

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On health and fitness

"I do something different every day. I do weight training three times a week, then I switch up and do my cardio. My gym does this great class that combines spin with yoga. It's good to keep your body guessing and not get too used to one particular exercise."

On wellbeing

"Every morning I try to make time to meditate, but generally I relax pretty easily. I also take daily vitamins."

On beauty treatments

"Every week I use the Living Proof Restore Mask, £35, which I love, and I get a facial every couple of weeks."

Her ultimate beauty icons…

"Gloria Steinem is stunning, as is Lauren Hutton. There are so many beautiful women that have aged so gracefully."

Lipstick or lip gloss?

"Both: I use a lipstick and then put a gloss over the top."

Serum or oil?

"Serum, because oil makes me break out."

Smoky eyes or red lips?

"Smoky eyes – I don't look good in red lipstick."

Yoga or swimming?

"Yoga, I just love it more than swimming."

Green juice or coffee?

"Coffee. I like it with milk and Stevia."

Nude or red nails?

"It depends on the season. If it's winter I love to go darker with a Bordeaux shade. In the spring time, I go lighter with a pinky nude colour."


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