Shah Rukh Khan has Written a Poem on Women's Empowerment and it's Freakin' Awesome!

He has won the Internet over, yet again...


Inspired by Zayn Malik's quote on brave girls in the world,  Shah Rukh Khan has written a poem on women's empowerment and it's truly inspiring!

The actor read out the poem while addressing a gathering at the launch of Gunjan Jain's book She Walks, She Leads.

Read the poem here 

This is for girls who stay up all night,

This is for you who are willing to fight,

For hidden fears, hurt, pain, and tears,

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Under the smiles, laughs, and giggles we hear.

Let your hair down, straight or curls,

You're beautiful because you fight like a girl.

For girls who wear short skirts,

And their heart on their sleeve,

For girls who know how difficult it is to believe,

The girls who scream and cry,

 To their pillows and tell them their goals,

For girls who have a secret, But can't tell a soul.

Let your eyes be your diamond, Make them your pearls,

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You're beautiful because you fight like a girl.

For girls who have made mistakes,

And had regrets galore,

Because you fight like a girl.

For the girls who love with all their heart,

Although it sometimes gets broke,

To who think it's over, 

To real girls, to all girls, 

Who have tears to soak.

You throw, you pick up, and fall,

But just tell the world,

"I'm beautiful, Because I fight like a girl."

Watch his speech right here

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