COSMO EXCLUSIVE: Deepika Padukone Shares All Her Style Secrets

Amp up your style game with these quick tips!

Cosmo: One Autumn/Winter trend you're obsessed with...

Deepika: "My personal style is very classic, so I don't really follow trends. I'm a very jeans and white tee kinda person."

C: What do you think works best for you— curls, waves or straight hair?

D: "Since my hair is naturally very silky and straight, I think it looks best with body and volume. I love experimenting with my hair a lot."

C: What's your go-to look for:

a) The red carpet: "An updo."

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b) A film premiere: "It really depends on what I'm wearing."

c) A girl's night out: "Hair worn down, something that's relaxed."

d) Date night: "Wavy hair. It has a very romantic feel to it!"

C: What's your go-to hairstyle if you're in a hurry?

D: "If my hair is greasy, I grease it up even more and tie it in a ponytail or make a top bun."

C: What eye make-up should you team with these lip looks:

a) Red or berry lips: "I'd go with clean eyes or just a hint of mascara."

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b) Nude lips: "I'd play up the eyes with lots of mascara or winged liner."

C: Your red carpet look is usually...

D: "A Sabyasachi or an Anamika Khanna sari."

C: Your favourite accessories...

D: "Eyewear and watches."

C: The one style of bags you love?

D: "Anything big with loads of compartments. I carry my world in my bag—everything from chewing gum to make-up, and tampons!"

C: The one lip colour that gives you instant confidence?

D: "Orange. I love the way this colour complements my skin tone!"

C: The shoe style you're obsessed with right now?

D: "Booties! They are a perfect combination of classy and chic."

(As told to Cosmopolitan India)

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