​1. Bridget
Tirkey, 25

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"I love adding gold
details to a plain,
crisp white shirt—
my quintessential
wardrobe staple." 

2. Charutra, 23    ​

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"My love for
fashion and
art often tie
this shirt of my
father's, that I

3. Sejal Kumar,

"I'm a huge neutrals
person—and camel-
hued pieces. I've
thrown in a coloured
scarf here to
brighten things up." 

4. Farah Magi, 19

"I like to mix up
the femininity of
a pencil skirt and
crop top with
whacky elements
like sneakers and
pop colours!" 

5. Roseleen
Tirkey, 20 ​

"I'm very
inspired by the
'90s grunge
the platform
shoes and high-
waisted pants!" 

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