Sehar Anand, 20

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"Denim-on-denim is my summer staple! I like to play with different washes to add depth to an otherwise monotonous look."

Shivi Tandon, 23

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"Layering is very 'me'. My wardrobe also has lots of versatile pieces that I mix and match to create different looks."

Kritika Khurana, 21

"Playsuits are, like, my thing for summer—and I'm always in sneakers because they're so cool and casual!" 

Mehak Ghai, 18

"Overalls are the perfect mash-up of jeans and jumpsuits, and you'll find millions of both in my closet! I add a li'l metallic touch and voila! ."

Arushi Singh, 22

"I'm all about repurposing accessories and mixing 'em up—like, even here, the earrings I'm wearing are actually brooches."

By: Sanjana Ghai

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