Gucci Cast Their First Ever Transgender Model for the Latest Show in Milan

She is a perfect match for the designer brand

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On Monday Gucci sent their menswear collection (which also included
some women's wear) down the runway in Milan. It was a magical parading
of colour, texture and sartorial fun that got us excited in more ways
than one. But one of the best things about the whole show was
the presence of transgender actress and model, Hari Nef, who is best
known for her role as Tante Gittel on Amazon's Transparent. There were
only a small handful of women to walk the high end runway – a privilege
very few models get in their careers – and she was magnificent.

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The Gucci brand has always blurred the line between masculine and
feminine, so to cast Nef in the show was a perfect match and one that
felt perfectly aligned with the brand's ethos. Nef's personal style is
usually very androgynous, so there were no surprises when she absolutely
slayed in her head-to-toe red outfit.

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Nef signed with IMG modelling agency last year, which is the same agency that looks after Gisele Bündchen, Gigi Hadid and Kate Moss (no biggy). She also just happened to be the first ever transgender model to do so.

In an article she wrote for Lenny Letter, she revealed that perhaps the reason IMG's president, Ivan Bart, signed her was because she was willing to take all of the jobs that previous transgender applicants were straying from. They wanted to be seen as models, no transgender models. "Give me all those jobs," she told Bart. "I want to work."

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