MIU MIU Launched Their Own Trippy Music App

Music streaming scene just got super-stylish...

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If there is one thing we LOVE Miuccia Prada is for her unconventional, unpredictable and nonconformist approach . She transforms seemingly incongruous ideas into a beautiful,captivating chorus.

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Fashion houses are now expected to deliver more than just a show each season. They're expected to build an immersive 24X7 world surrounding their designs off the runway. With this in mind, the designer created Miu Muisica new app which allows users to create a brief video montage; a digital illustration of your own personal vision of Miu Miu. This app allows you to remix music tracks composed by legendary DJ Frédéric Sanchez with original graphics, inspired by the current collection to create a hypnotic, mesmerising, unique and personal video for you to keep and share across social channels. And is available on iOS, Android and Windows devices.

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I say get your personalized Miu Miu vision and share it now.

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