How to Create Your Signature Work Uniform

Just. So. Stylish!

Here are top workwear tips...

1. Build your work wardrobe around the pieces you wear all the time; if
you prefer trousers, build looks with these at the heart of the capsule
and add classic pieces that you can mix and match. Don't force a look
if it isn't really you. 

2. When creating your signature work uniform, you need to set a budget, make time, be focused and be honest.

3. Don't be afraid to get rid of the things that you never wear – they
are just taking up space in your wardrobe and making it impossible to
create outfits quickly in the morning. If you haven't worn it in the
last year, you probably won't wear it again.

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4. The most important thing to remember is to be comfortable; you can't perform at your best when you are worrying about your clothes.

5. Think about multiple uses. Don't think of a dress as just one piece, wear it as a skirt by adding a jumper on top, or try wearing a shirt underneath.

6. When replacing your favourite 'go-to' pieces, buy the best quality and cut that you can afford. They will make you feel great every time you wear them.

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7. Grooming is as important as clothing for work.
Try to create a routine that is as effective as it is quick; invest in
dual-purpose beauty products – to save time and space in your make-up
bag – such as a moisturising foundation with a high SPF, or a face oil
that can be used on your cuticles. 

8. Don't be afraid of repeat purchases for workwear; if you find something you really love, buy a few.


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