How Dangerous Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

#10 will have us running to the hills for cover!

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There is tons of information out there on what kind of lover , parent or friend you make based on your sun sign , but how about what kind criminal you you would make?

The FBI recently shared the birth dates of serial killers and people who show criminal tendencies based on which we found a list of what sun signs are more inclined to commit specific types of crimes. Read on to find out which zodiac sign is a harmless little lamb, and even the ones that are more Psycho inclined.

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1.Gemini : Even though these guys get a lot of bad press , it turns out that they are the least dangerous of all sun signs . They are more likely to argue someone to death then to actually cause them any serious or intentional harm.

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2.Aquarius : Though they care a lot about right and wrong and have very sensitive egos , Aquarians are known to be the second most harmless of the sun signs.

3.Leo : All that noise and roaring set aside , Leos will usually stay far away from trouble . They might create a big fuss in a row just to get some attention , but they will never act on it with malicious intent.


4.Libra : Known for their kindness and patience , Libras are weirdly more likely to commit crimes then Leos or Geminis . Maybe they just snap at times , when their kindness is taken undue advantage of.

5.Virgo : They do love to hold a grudge , but are more prone to theft and fraud then murder. When they do commit a crime , they do it very neatly.

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6.Pisces : With a tendency towards addiction , Pisces have many known serial killers in their ranks , and are considered surprisingly dangerous.

7.Capricorn: It seems that one should be very careful not to piss of a Capricorn. They don't resort to violence often but when they do they apparently go all the way.

8.Aries : Though known for their angry outbursts , these guys don't know how to hold a grudge. Stay away from them for a while and you could avoid any serious or bodily harm.

9.Taurus : Knows for their intense anger , these people are more likely to commit a fraud then murder given their love for all things luxurious .

10. Sagittarius: These people like to make it big , going for bigger mass crimes and announcing themselves as leaders. FYI Pablo Escobar was a Saggi.

11.Scorpio: Intense , sadistic and very vindictive , when Scorpios go bad they can be extremely dangerous.

12.Cancer: Surprisingly at number one position , these guys usually kill because of jealousy and uncontrollable mood swings.

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