10 Things All Single Girls Are Tired of Hearing

Single life struggle...#soreal

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1) "Are you dating anyone yet?"Um..no. Stilllll single.

2) "I am sooooo happy to be out of the dating game!"Must be nice! *rolls eyes*

3) "How are you still single?!"I dont know! Why don't you tell me??

4) "You are too picky!"Um... maybe I just haven't found a guy worth my time! 

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5) "You will meet someone when the time is right".You said that a year ago.

6) "I have a friend I can set you up with"No...just. No.

7) "Have you tried Tinder?"No...and definitely not going to either. 

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8) "Do you want to get married?"You will definitely not be invited when I do. 

9) "Being single is amazingggg!"Oh yeah, totally! Going to weddings alone is my idea of a good time! 

10) When you least expect it, it will happen. Bye.


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