1) You tell her everything. 
You cannot keep a single secret from your sister and she is your go-to girl to share any juicy gossip!  

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2) You are most comfortable around her.
You can be your weird, silly, funny self around your sissy without ever feeling judged or awkward. 

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3) You always have each others back. 
If anyone messes with your sister, they mess with you!

4) You and your sister have the best inside jokes. 
No one else understands your inside jokes, but you and your sister could laugh at them for hours! 

5) You trust her more than anyone else. 
You can tell your sister your deepest, darkest secret and rest assured that she won't tell a single soul. 

6) Even if you guys get in an argument, you make up right away.
...because you cannot stay mad at her for more than a couple of hours!

7) She is always there when you need her. 
Whether it's to go out and party, or when you need a shoulder to cry on, your sis is always there for you! 

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