Ten Things You Will Only Get If You Are a Capricorn

Number eight is the one thing your friends should know about you

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Ambitious , determined, practical , helpful and resourceful , being a Capricorn makes you a powerful person and an extremely good friend to have. However , there are certain things about being Capri that leave people baffled and can only be understood by fellow sun sign mates.

1.You are truly a very good and special friend: Very giving , generous and loyal , you make a wonderful friend and are always surrounded by tons of people who feel the same about you.

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2.On the surface you seem mellow , but what lies beneath......!: People who meet you at first may find you shy and conservative at times, but only those who get to know you better can understand that you are spontaneous and fun with a little bit of madness.

3.It's your way or the highway : Be it your home , environment or relationships , you are extremely particular about the way things go ( basically they have to go your way). Down to the last napkin ring on your dinner table, you call all the shots!

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4.Energy , so much energy : Your stamina and enthusiasm for life is off the charts. You never seem to slow down and need to take some time off, constantly moving from one excitement to the next.

5.You are very emotionally sensitive : The smallest things have an effect on your sensitive temperament and you tend to take everything to heart. This may cause you to create issues with friends and loved ones if you feel upset.

6.You have your feet firmly planted in the real world : Practical by nature , you do not live in dreams and act on whims. You know what you want and work towards getting it . You enjoy money and luxury and will work hard towards getting it.

7.Your brain is your erogenous zone: Nothing turns you on as much as interesting and stimulating conversation . Intellect is sexy to you , far more then a physical appearance.

8.Basically , you are a human lie detector : You are a smart cookie and can spot a lie from a mile away. God help someone trying to deceive you.

9.You are risk averse : Never one to go for risky schemes or put all your eggs in one basket , you don't make rash decisions and carefully weigh the pros and cons before moving forward.

10.You think the world revolves around you : Even though you care a lot for the ones you love , everything is ultimately about you . You come first on your own priority list, period.

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