9 Type of Friends You Have on Snapchat

"Can I snap that?!"

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Snapchat is awesome! It allows you to see bits of your friends life through the 'snaps' they share. There are definitely a few types of friends we all have on snapchat... which type of friend has flooded your inbox the most with their cray cray snaps?

1) The selfie queen
The friend who takes so many selfies, she puts Kim Kardashian to shame.

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2) The food junkie
The friend that must share everything she ate, everyday!

3) The party girl
That one friend that is always clubbing or drinking! 

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4) The pet obsessed
The friend who literally only snaps pictures or videos of their pets! 

5) The fashionista
The friend that think snapchat is the runway!

6) The gym rat
That one friend who spends most of their time at the gym while you are chilling on the couch...with chips...and pizza... and...


7) The lover(s)
If I see one more kissy pic...*GAG*

8) The artist
You know, the friend that thinks that their phone is the canvas and their fingers.

9) The snap addict
The friend who must snapchat everythingggggg!


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