STAND tall and upright. Straighten your shoulders and suck in your tummy. This makes you look taller and more self-assured.

DRESS in whatever makes you feel sexy. When you know you're looking good, you automatically send out confident vibes. Many experts recommend creating a 'sexy capsule wardrobe' with a selection of 10 outfits that make you feel your best. Whenever you need a confidence boost, pick one of these outfits.

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SMILE a lot. Not in a goofy psychotic way, but more of a life-is-great-and-I'm-happy way. Laughter also boosts feel-good endorphins. When you smile—even if it's fake—the action fools your brain into thinking it's happy, and that, in turn, also make you feel more self-assured.

WALK like a supermodel to emit sassiness and sensuality. Do it like this: keep your head up, eyes straight ahead and shoulders squeezed back. Let your arms swing naturally, and add a hint of swagger to your stride.

MODULATE your voice and articulate every word. When we are nervous, we tend to speak very fast or in a high-pitched voice. Speak in a tone that's a little deep. And slow down your pace so every word sounds sexy.

HOLD eye contact while talking to people. This shows that you are not self-conscious, and are totally comfortable making conversation.

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