7 Problems Only Tall Girls Will Understand

The struggle is real!


Being tall comes with some perks like being able to rock flats 24/7, removing light bulbs from the ceiling without a step stool and even being able to watch the entire concert from the back row! #YASSS

But then there are some crazy annoying issues that only tall girls have to deal with. Check out our top 9 daily struggles of being tall that are just too real!

1) Finding a guy literally cuts your options in half. 
Why are tall guys sooo hard to find?!  

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2) You are constantly hovering over people. 
Reading other people's phone messages, getting up close and personal with people's scalp is totes normal!  

3) You are automatically the designated selfie taker. 
Everyone instantly hands you a camera when taking a group selfie, because of your 'long arms!' *rolls eyes* 

4) People always assume you are into sports. 
Even if you are officially the most non-athletic person alive, everyone automatically assumes you play a million sports!

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5) ...or modeling!
"OMGSH! Are you a model?!" is a question you get asked ALL-THE-TIME! 

6) Jeans usually turn out to be short. 
Which works out in the summer, because you can conveniently turn them into capris, but finding jeans that are long enough in the winter is a whole other story! 

7) Wearing heels is a mission. 
#iloveheels but #tallgirlproblems 

8) Fitting your legs under your desk is a struggle. 
Seriously, did anyone think of tall people when building most desks?! 

9) When family and friends ask to borrow your height. 
You are always the go-to person for your family and friends when they need something from high up! 

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