Posing as her dad,
this little girl ingeniously attempts to trick her mum into revealing
what her surprise birthday present is. Definitely first prize for
ingenuity!It's a hard time being a little girl. The anticipation slowly builds as you wait patiently for that special day to arrive. And then there's the added excitement of guessing what presents you'll get. 

But this little girl has certainly put her cunning skills to good use in an attempt to uncover this year's birthday present list.

Lily – who wins first prize for initiative – has written a clever letter to her mother, secretly disguised as her dad Don, in a bid to find out what presents she should expect for her birthday. 

The wily youngster passed a handwritten note to her mum, who is addressed here as 'wife', being extremely thorough and even crossing out her spelling mistakes. It reads: 

'Dear wife. 

'What did you get Lily for a surprise again. 

'I forgot. Please reply here …'

And then finally in a sincere effort to really pull the wool over her mother's eyes, she signs the letter off, 'Love Don.' Genius!  


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