7 Things To Consider Before Getting a Tattoo

Think before you ink!

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1) You will have it for THE-REST-OF-YOUR-LIFE. 
Tattoos are permanent and whatever you chose will be present on your body for as long as you live! Therefore, do your research on your artist, and pick a design you feel will be timeless.

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2) You may want to cover it up for your wedding. 
Depending on your dress and the placement of your tattoo, you might not want it displayed on your big day. It can be extra stress a bride  definitely doesn't need. 

3) Tattoo removals are a b*tch.
...and extremely painful, expensive and you can never fully remove the tattoo. Oh and did we mention just how insanely painful tattoo removal process is?! *ouch*

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4) Your tattoo can stretch over time. 
It is true! Depending on the placement, if your weight fluctuates it can stretch or shrink your tattoo making it not look the same as when you got it. 

5) You might not care for it in a couple of years.
Remember, you are not the same person you were 5 years ago. Your tastes change and the same thing applies for your tattoos. What you think is cool at 18 may not be so cool at 30! 


6) It could impact your jobs. 
In certain professional fields, a visible tattoo can impact your chances of advancement in your job because of the initial impression colleagues/management may have seeing your ink.

7) You may get unfairly judged.
Sad, but true. People who are inked get instantly judged by others, so be mindful of this when getting a tattoo. 


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